“…Definite knack for the dark, eerie angle of Victorian Britain. I very much enjoyed this.”

William J Jackson (An Unsubstantiated Chamber)

Raffle brings together a fine selection of 17 “dreadpunk” (gaslamp horror and dark steampunk) stories in this gritty, enjoyable anthology. The London Underground becomes a playground for the undead in Raffle’s suspenseful “Burke Street Station.” A greedy lover gets her comeuppance in Jay Seate’s “The Velvet Ribbon.” Rob Francis’s “B.A.R.B.” plays with the concept of devil worship, and the lengths a grieving man might go to revive his dying wife. The pinnacle of the collection is Ross Smeltzer’s “The Hunger,” in which a man’s encounter with the undead in a forgotten cemetery lurches him toward Lovecraftian insanity. Although Raffle includes several stories that hover around a similar idea or theme (there is a glut of vampire fiction in this anthology), the standout tales are those that break from conventional horror. The nature of human frailty and propensity towards violence is underscored in all of the collected tales, making it more than just full of good scares. Seasoned horror readers will appreciate this dark anthology.


This unique blend of horror and steampunk is exactly what I [needed] to upstart my spooky Halloween season. Even if you don’t know about steampunk, I recommend this if you are a lover of classic horror stories and gothic literature.

Bedelya (clockwork.bookdragon) Moreno-Roth

DeadSteam: A Chilling Collection of Dreadpunk Tales of the Dark and Supernatural is a great book for a newbie to dreadpunk like me. Filled with stories that excite and tantalize the mind, I was on the edge of my seat for many of these short stories. A great book to light some candles to, turn on the fire place and read in the chilly coldness this winter season.


This is a delightful collection of seventeen dreadpunk horror stories, think Penny Dreadfuls. I have never heard of dreadpunk but I have to say I have fallen in love with these stories. They include several stories full of vampires, zombies, witches and so much more. There is a story or to that will delight anyone that enjoys the horrors of the world.

Jessica Bronder